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How did you feel in 2020? Did you run out of cash, No school , we’re you at home doing nothing? covid19 made some people work from home, but what of people that didn’t have anything doing?.

I decided to share this Top online business that will really be helpful to you in 2020…

there is no particular business I will tell you is the best, because people have there preference, what works for Obi might not work for Ada, meaning what works for me might not work for you. What I love so much about working online, or doing an online business is that you choose the time that will be convenient for you, and also have an amount in mind that you want to earn. Some need little or no Capital to start up.

Top best online business to start in 2021

Like I told you earlier what works for me might not work for you, so the online business that paid last year might not be the one paying now, certain condition could interrupt, just like no one knew that 2020 will be How it was, many people lost their jobs.
Note: Everything is not all about money, so while choosing an online job to go into , don’t only focus on the money you will earn, look for a job that will give you time, I normally tell my students, “Do what makes you happy”.

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Top Best Sites To Earn Money by Watching Videos Online 2021


Blogging is one if the best online business one could think of in 2021. You can earn up to $1000 in a month. one good thing about blogging is, you don’t really need to go for a school or attend an online tutorial to learn.
I started my blogging career in 2015 With blogger, I didn’t have any idea of how it works, but blogger is very simple to use.
All I did was login with my Google account, choose the name I want the website to bear, choose the background colour, Boomm,.. it was set😊😊.. I started posting, and sharing links to my friends, before 2 months I started earning. I still remember the joy I got receiving my first $100😊..
Apart from Blogger, WordPress is another platform to start your blogging career, WordPress also has free Domain just like blogger, so you can make use of their free domain and hosting. so you don’t need money to set it up.. But if you want to go further,, you will need to purchase a domain and hosting from any hosting site, I recommend… Smartweb… for Nigerians…..

You might be wondering, How does blogging really Pay??
There are many ways you can easily earn from your website.
I) Placing Ads on your website:. Have you gone to website to check something, and you see Advertisements? or you see pop ups??
that is called placing ads on your website.
There are many businesses looking for who to Advertise there works, some might contact you or you can easily register with them and start Earning. Here are some companies that pay for placing ads on your website.

Top Best Sites To Earn Money by Watching Videos Online 2021

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the highest Ads paying company, and they pay per click, that is why you see it on almost every website you visit. it is not difficult to apply, and you can earn as low as $100 monthly, another amazing part of Google AdSense is , they pay directly into your local bank Account every 21st of the month. click here to sign up for AdSense
ii) Ebooks: Though I am not familiar with this method, but I have many friends who have many milions by selling E-books online, That is another means of monetizing your blog.
iii) Affiliate programs:. REGISTER with companies that sell products, when someone buys using your affiliate link, you get commission. such companies include Amazon, jumia,jiji etc.

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YouTube Channel

Are you like my big sister that loves doing a Video of herself talking?? this is for you. You can choose what you know how to do best, starting creating good and educative videos on that. once you have up to 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hours you can Apply for Google AdSense,
there are over 1billion people using YouTube all over the world, so you can easily make $100-$1000 daily from your channel. Don’t know what a channel looks like? check my channel 👉👉
when you start gathering audience, just like in blogging, people will call you to Advertise their business or products online for them for a price. so you will be making cool cash every week.

App development

Are you good at programming? this one of the best online business to start in 2021, you can starting developing Apps for people for a fee, If you can’t code you can still Create Apps, check how to create apps without coding here….
you can create School Apps, Business Apps website Apps, etc.

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After developing a nice App you can Monetize it using different Ads companies like Facebook ads, Google Admob, Startapp etc..
But you know Google  pays higher, So Admob always comes first in our mind.
Getting Admob approval is more easy than that of getting a website AdSense approved.
you can get approved even if your app is not on playstore yet, note to upload your app to Google playstore, you will need to pay a little token signup up for Google store console here…


are you good in more than two languages?? if yes, you can become a translation agent.. Foreigners want to learn your language, You could teach someone for a fee.
many website pay for people to translate for them, example From English to Igbo etc
check this website they pay you for translation….

Top Best Online Learning Sites Like Udemy 2021

Taking up online surveys is another easy way to earn online in 2021, There are many survey Website that ready to pay you just to give them a survey and analytic data.

Animation videos

Many companies use Animated videos to promote their goods and services, so if you are good at creating animation videos you can easily get a job online..
Sell Products online: you can open an online shop or Facebook group, advertise your product, people will contact to buy.

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Crypto currency

There are many coins in the online market, you can choose to go into one , but the coin and start mining, we have coins like Bitcoin, etheruem, Tron, pi etc.
there are many coins that are free to mine just like pi, to start mining pie ….click here……..

Buy and sell social media accounts

people create Facebook pages and groups and build it to a certain number, then they sell it off, that really pays alot,. I remember in 2017 I sold a page that has about 100k followers for 5k I was really happy…

Social media manager

You can help people manage their Facebook or Twitter pages or groups, you can Apply to some business or even your church or school, and start handling their online platforms, though this one is not that easy to do, but it pays well.

Graphics design

You could learn how to design logos and images, Advertise your works online, apply to work some brand, many companies don’t have a company logo, so you could easy get a job, I also need a logo for my web lolz, so I will need to employ a graphs designer.


You could start teaching online what you are good at and start getting paid, in 2018 when I was in the University, I didn’t have money for school stuffs, do you know what I did? I went on Facebook, I wrote what I can teach and what people will learn, eg… Learn how to create a website or App just for a low price of #500, sounds funny right? yea I know it must. I added the link of my WhatsApp group, in the next two hours I got about 80 members, woow.. 50 people made payment to learn, #500*50💥😂😂 you can do that yourself…
There are other ways to make money online in 2021. All you have to do is Read the Article again, choose the one that will give you money and time for yourself.
oh I forgot, You could Also write online for people, Many bloggers need writers on their website, it is not easy to be making about 200 contents everyday you know, so if you are good at writing articles, you could write to blog owners, and see if you could work with them and earn revenue.
I remember in 2020, i asked a writer to help me write on my blog, he charged me #5,000 just for one article, I was like What!!! Just for an article? imagine if he writes 6 articles for me, he will be making coool #26,000 just in a week or less.
that’s a wonderful way to earn online
Like I stated in the beginning of this article, no one can say this is the best online business to do, because what works for me might not work for you, so you have to make a move..
choose one and start.. Good luck……

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